Flexispy reviews from the nooblets

Nooblet usually means a young and immaturish noob. When it comes to the mobile devices though, we see the elder generations more and more often behave in even dumber way. A lot of elders, as they buy a new smartphone don’t even actually know where to plug their phones. Then again, when they plug the charging cables into their smartphones they look for the voltage rating to make sure it is compatible. The idiots don’t know that USB has always been 5 volts, and so you should look at the amps and not voltage. These are all things that they could learn from the teenagers.

As we get to understand this term, we could now get to the actual of reviews of Flexispy from the perspective of these nooblet users. As usual, even if the app doesn’t have any actual flaws, they will find ways to criticize it for being too difficult to operate, or even too difficult to operate with one hand and while driving – noobs! And so, let us all laugh and see what they think of Flexispy. Remember not to trust to their reviews, unless you are actually one of them. If so, you may feel free to leave your own review in the comments but remember that no one could actually care less about it. Here we go:

I couldn’t use Flexispy on my Andoid, because I didn’t see the actual launch icon after the installation. It we would be better if they make more icons and make the program start automatically after the installation. Otherwise it gets completely useless: 0 out of 5 stars.

I installed the Flexispy because of their advertised realtime spying of the ongoing phone conversations. I was disappointed to find out that this feature doesn’t work without an internet connection and my employees do not have an internet connection plan. Unsubscribed immediately from their service. Do not recommend to anyone!

Couldn’t launch the app. The app installer says not enough size on disk. What a waste of time, only wasted my disk size.

Flexispy should not be installed on your cellphone. It was on my cellphone and all my sensitive data had leaked. They even posted my naked pictures in social media… If you discover this spyware app, you should remove it immediately.